About Us

Welcome to Rose-wine.com

Rose-wine.com is a fully independent specialist wine supplier and offers top quality wines and Champagnes to challenge and enhance the UK’s perception of Rosé. Also, a few, well chosen, Red and White Wines to complement our Rosé range.

French Wines. Very well made, the French Rosé wines are generally dry, light and clear to the taste, and can be surprisingly pale in colour. They are always wonderfully refreshing. We have some quite famous wines from very well known and renowned producers, and also offer several superb Rosés, from small family run vineyards, all carefully chosen.

Provence with its ideal climate, and the South of France in general are strongly represented. Combining tradition with modern techniques they have an established reputation for top quality Rosé for a very discerning clientele.

European and World Wines. We have a small selection of Rosés, both still and sparkling, from the rest of Europe and around the world. These provide a whole range of taste experience, dry, sweet, and everything in between!

NEW - Red and White Wines. By popular demand we have extended our range to include a few exceptional red and white wines. Some are sourced from the same vineyards as our Rosés and others are selected as simply outstanding wines.

We supply throughout the UK and several of the wines are exclusive to Rose-wine.com