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Bill has a passion for wine and was introduced to dry Rosé wines thirty or so years ago in the South of France.  He had the idea of specialising in offering top quality Rosé wines within the UK, but it took a while before it could be realised. The wines chosen combine modern methods with the traditional skill of the winemakers resulting in superb wines, tasting just as good here in the UK as they do abroad!
Bill had forecast the expanding market for good Rosés so he registered and negotiated some of the best, most characteristic wines, at an early stage.

As a UK wide online supplier, has now built a reputation for great products and service. 

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Blog posts of '2011' 'June'

Back from France - Lots of News

    The Cannes Film Festival events were very successful. was involved with film distribution specialist Distrify,  who participated in the Creative  Beach Party on Long Beach.  Hundreds of film industry professionals attended this great fun, and superb networking, event.  Peter and Andy from Distrify provided a tremendous performance preparing and serving freshly made peach "Bellini's on the Beach".  The wine used was Domaine de La Rouillere's amazing Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Brut Rosé and this was very well received.  I received so many favourable comments about the wine and the fact that we can supply this and other wonderful Rosés in the UK, that I lost count. "A lovely wine, way beyond any expectations" was a typical comment.  Watch this space for more news from Cannes and for a selection of the many photo's taken!  Will you be in them? 

   I was lucky to be able to fit in a few vineyard visits during this trip and would like to share the news about these.  In particular, I had a very informative and interesting visit at Chateau Léoube.  Romain Ott, the winemaker, gave Eveline and I, an excellent tour of this impeccable and well situated vineyard.  I learned a great deal and was very impressed by the visionary and inspired policies that have resulted in such remarkable wines.  I'll post some more details and photo's about this visit soon.  Good news too, we now have the two Chateau Léoube Rosés in stock for immediate shipment.  I thoroughly recommend that you try these wines!