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Bill has a passion for wine and was introduced to dry Rosé wines thirty or so years ago in the South of France.  He had the idea of specialising in offering top quality Rosé wines within the UK, but it took a while before it could be realised. The wines chosen combine modern methods with the traditional skill of the winemakers resulting in superb wines, tasting just as good here in the UK as they do abroad!
Bill had forecast the expanding market for good Rosés so he registered and negotiated some of the best, most characteristic wines, at an early stage.

As a UK wide online supplier, has now built a reputation for great products and service. 

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Blog posts of '2014' 'March'

By Popular Demand - Red & White Wines!!

Aha! "Sacrilege" you might say, to the news that we are adding a very select list of red and white wines. 

Don't worry though we will not be losing our key Rosé specialisation, simply responding to the frequent requests that we offer good reds and whites too!  They all have to be very good and will be chosen to be attractive to our discerning Rosé customers.  Hopefully, you will like the first two, wonderful Chateau de Pez from St Estephe and delicious Domaines Ott Chateau Mireille Blanc de Blancs

More will follow in the near future making it easy and convenient to add on a case of really good red or white to your next Rosé order.