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Bill has a passion for wine and was introduced to dry Rosé wines thirty or so years ago in the South of France.  He had the idea of specialising in offering top quality Rosé wines within the UK, but it took a while before it could be realised. The wines chosen combine modern methods with the traditional skill of the winemakers resulting in superb wines, tasting just as good here in the UK as they do abroad!
Bill had forecast the expanding market for good Rosés so he registered and negotiated some of the best, most characteristic wines, at an early stage.

As a UK wide online supplier, has now built a reputation for great products and service. 

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Blog posts of '2015' 'August'

Announcing Chateau Miraval Rosé

Great News!  We have now added the lovely Chateau Miraval Rosé to our range. This is a fairly big, but exceptional, estate near the ancient village of Correns in the heart of Provence.  

Favoured by a superb location, the terraced vineyards, at about 350 metres above sea level, date back to Roman times.  I had always particularly enjoyed their "Pink Floyd" Rosé, named after the band who had once recorded there (The Wall) at Le Studio de Miraval.

Now, the estate is better known because of celebrity owners, Brad Pitt and  Angelina Jolie and this has led to a lot of publicity for the wine. People sometimes question whether estates owned by wealthy individuals, who personally may not have a wine industry background, actually produce good wines.  My own experience and knowledge of several vineyards in this situation is that they do often produce truly outstanding results.  The owners are already successful in other fields and  bring their own business acumen with them. They are committed to the vineyard. Frequently, they appoint excellent winemakers and also invest in the winery and in conserving the best features of the location whilst carrying out new planting for the future. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have appointed renowned, top quality wine makers, Famille Perrin of Chateau de Beaucastel and the results are outstanding.

The Chateau Miraval Rosé is presented in a distinctive and attractive bottle which looks tempting in the wine cooler or at the table.  The colour is fashionably pale and the wine itself is an attractive array of summer Provencal fruit flavours combined with a nice minerality representative of this fabulous terroir.  Match it with good weather, good food, good friends and conversation for a really enjoyable occasion.  

Highly recommended!  Bill   




Excellent Website from Provence - Have a Look

 The "Vins de Provence" website is packed with really interesting facts and  information about  Rosé. You can click through to it here   

 There are sections about "The Region" including the appellations, grape varieties and  terroir and general information.  Under the "Winery Directory" you'll find a map showing  locations of many of the producers and you can click through to find a lot more details  about most of them, some great photographs and general information about the area.

 Look under "Provence Rosé" for well written sections about the history of the wine, the  wine itself and and the wine making process, (Maybe you shouldn't try to make the wine  yourself though, as a couple of thousand years experience and the Provencal climate is a  definite advantage to these lovely wines!).  From time to time, you'll find recognition of  many of the wines we  sell at in the Awards section which lists the  results from Concours  General, Paris and makes impressive reading. We are lucky to  have so many awarded  wines in our range.

 If it is a cool, not very good Summer's day here, then maybe the "Food and Lifestyle" pages    may be too tempting, detailing as they do, the beautiful setting and enviable Mediterranean  lifestye.  Just look under the "Food Pairings" section though for lots of good ideas including a  video featuring former White House Chef Patrice Olivon pairing Pan Seared Cod & Provence  Rosé.  Some sections of the site are more orientated towards the U.S. than the U.K., but you'll still find good ideas! 

If you like this site you can find back issues of the Newsletter under the "News & Resources" header and can subscribe to the free English edition.  I really recommend this site to you and know that it just might tempt you to place an order with us! Best wishes, Bill