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Bill has a passion for wine and was introduced to dry Rosé wines thirty or so years ago in the South of France.  He had the idea of specialising in offering top quality Rosé wines within the UK, but it took a while before it could be realised. The wines chosen combine modern methods with the traditional skill of the winemakers resulting in superb wines, tasting just as good here in the UK as they do abroad!
Bill had forecast the expanding market for good Rosés so he registered and negotiated some of the best, most characteristic wines, at an early stage.

As a UK wide online supplier, has now built a reputation for great products and service. 

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Harvest News

Some of the harvest reports from producers in the South of France have come in recently.  It has been quite a challenging year with very dry weather in August and, generally, early harvests.  Yields are low, perhaps lower than last year, due to not as many bunches of grapes being formed, but there is optimism that quality is good.  We'll have to wait and see when the first stocks of the new vintage come in next year.  The good news is that we still have good stocks of the current vintage across a wide range of lovely Roses!