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We’re glad to announce that and the wider company has been acquired by the Woodman family, as of May 2021.

We’re extremely happy to take the reins from Bill and Eveline, who have spent the last 15+ years building a fantastic community of rosé wine lovers around the UK. Rest assured we will be bringing the same enthusiasm and love for rosé wine and will continue to bring you the very best rosé for you to enjoy!

We are in the process of restocking your favourite rosé wines and will let you know as soon as we're ready to start operating again. In the meantime, if you'd like to know a bit more about us and our plans for click here.

We look forward to helping you make every day a rosé day!


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Rosé Weddings

VenuestomenusI attended a large wedding show recently and had a great time chatting about wines.  I was reminded of how appropriate Rosé wines can be for this, very, very, important, occasion.

The correct choice of good wines can make such a difference to everyone's enjoyment, as most guests will have at least a glass or two, or in my case, maybe more!  Our Rosés with their vibrant colour and great bottle presentation, very much Lia Koletsou and Bill  look the part, but have other great advantages too.  Not least is their almost universal acceptability - almost everyone enjoys a Rosé. 

A sparkling Rosé or Rosé Champagne is a marvellous welcome for guests and super for the toasts.  They look so good in the glass too.  Likewise, the still Rosés go so well with most food and with their characteristic lightness, they are very suitable for drinking throughout the meal no matter what time of day it is served.  They are equally good during the later reception. 

Currently, we have stock of some fabulously exclusive, romantic and elegant Rosés from the St Tropez area, just right for Spring or Summer weddings.  Please drop me an email to if you need any help or advice.  I'm happy to advise on quantity too, and we can take back any stock not used. 

I'd probably get married again, just for the fun of it, if I wasn't married already!  Happy planning!