Good News & not so good news!

First the good news!  Despite really tricky weather conditions for many producers last year the new vintages are proving to be of very good quality.  Despite concerns, the grapes proved to be of excellent quality, but in many cases, the quantities were down so it’s possible that we may run out of stock of some of the wines a little sooner this year.

Now, the not so good news!  We try to bravely report on all issues here on our Blog!  You heard it first on! Whilst it would have been possible for the lower yields to have affected pricing this has not been consequential. Instead, exchange rates have caused a noticeable increase in prices across the board. Another factor has been the recent financial difficulties experienced by some very large UK importers who had been operating on very slim margins. The whole industry has had to take stock of this to ensure that businesses remain viable.  It has, for the moment ended some of the non-affordable discounting which was often used to buy market share, but was unsustainable in the long term.

”And what of Brexit?”, I hear you ask.  Well, now that businesses have had time to consider it properly, any changes seem perfectly manageable.  In fact, (although this tends to be whispered and I’ll name no names!) a number of our European suppliers have confided that they would love the reduction in paperwork if the UK was an “Export” customer.  The downside could be increased import tariffs, but this seems unlikely as wine is subject to so very much tax and duty already.  Too soon to tell, I know, but happily, not so gloomy after all.  Here at it's business as usual!

Time for glass of Rosé!

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