Laguiole Corkscrews

We are delighted to be able to offer a superb range of luxury handmade corkscrews from Forge de Laguiole.  These are offered by our associate company, "Luxury Wine Accessories" through Ebay, and you can see the range of products by clicking on the link HERE.

The Laguiole village, (Pronounced "Lie-ole", the 'g' is silent), is about 200 km northwest of Montpellier in France and has been a centre for the manufacture of traditional knives and tableware since 1829.  They started making corkscrews in 1880.

There are several different firms in the area with fully working forges, experienced craftspeople, and a history of very high-quality hand-made and hand finished production.  The quality of the products is such that many will easily last a lifetime.  The materials used, finishes and engineering are superb. 

More recently a trade association was formed to promote and develop the knife and corkscrew industry in the area.  Often, a stylised bee motif is used to indicate product authenticity from the region.

Forge de Laguiole offers wonderful examples of these beautifully made products.  The corkscrews are lovely to hold and a delight to use.  They can also serve as well-chosen and very attractive gifts for any wine lover.