Nice Customer Feedback

I received this super feedback from friends at artificial tree specialists Trees R Green, who I met recently at an exhibition.  I obtained their permission to reproduce it here as it summarises our wines so well.  "Just a small note to thank you for the bottle of Cuvee Domaine de La Rouillere Rose you gave me to try.  We are really not rose drinkers and never really bother to try any because of past experience with UK standard bottles!!!! As you suggested we started with the bottle really chilled and had some nice white fish with it.  We were surprised and pleased that it tasted dry and fresh like the whites we drink, not sweet and sickly like other rose we have had.  Again as suggested we let the wine warm and drank it slowly allowing the flavour to become stronger.  We really enjoyed both tastes".  Trees R Green have great products too, we have one of their super trees in reception.  Bill

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