Wine Diamonds - What are they?

Buy wine from us and, who knows, you might just get some "wine diamonds" absolutely free! Nice mature grapes - CIVP image

A customer contacted me recently wondering about a little sugary looking deposit she'd noticed in a couple of bottles of Rosé.  I was able to reassure that these are natural and, in fact, are an indication of a particularly well made wine.  They tend to form only in wines that are slowly fermented, a process which adds to flavour and aroma and are sometimes more noticeable when the wine has been kept cool for a while.  Sometimes you may also see them on the bottom of the cork.  They are completely harmless and are not a fault, quite the opposite.

For the technically minded the little crystals are a potassium tartrate which is generally used to make cream of tartar for baking.  The wine industry is a great source of this natural material.  Thinking among winemakers varies.  Some are concerned that customers may not know what they are, and perhaps wrongly, perceive them as a fault.  Bolder winemakers won't compromise on quality, and do not put the wine through unnecessary additional processing involving temperature changes to remove them. 

The tartrates essentially come from good mature grapes and choosing not to remove them is a good example of the commendable "putting the grape first" school of thought, to provide absolutely top quality wine. 


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