Exploring the William Chase Rosé Wines, including Selladore En Provence and the 2018 William Chase En Provence Jolie

We currently have two William Chase rosé wines available on Rose-wine.com, including the fabulous Selladore En Provence Rosé from 2020 and the William Chase En Provence Jolie Rosé from 2018.


William Chase has been the proud owner of Domaine St Jean de Vilecroze since 2015 when he fell in love with the estate, nestled in the rolling hills of Provence. A short drive from St Tropez and the iconic Côte d’Azur, the domaine spans 80 hectares, comprising vineyards, olive groves and wild woodland, at an average altitude of 350 metres above sea level.

The vineyards grow classic Provençal varieties of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Vermentino (Rolle), grown across 27 hectares of Côtes de Provence and Coteax Varois En Provence classified vines. Head winemaker, Dale Clarke, oversees the entire process and ensures up-most care is taken from the growing of the grapes through to the bottling of the wine.

Notes on the Selladore En Provence Rosé Wine

Continuing on from a stellar 2019, the 2020 Selladore vintage is superb!

Head winemaker Dale Clarke adopts an ethos of sustainability with a tireless commitment to quality when it comes to producing rosé. The grapes are harvested in the early hours of the morning to preserve their freshness and acidity. Gentle pressing subsequently takes place upon arrival at the winery. A minimal period of skin contact imparts an enticing pale shade of pink to the wine.

Fermentation and ageing take place in stainless steel tanks with a portion of the blend left on the lees to enhance the richness and texture of the wine. Final blending takes place 4 weeks before bottling which is carried out on site at the domaine.

The pale salmon pink rosé wine has a lively nose exuding stone fruit and fresh citrus aromas. An enveloping silky texture on the palate is balanced with refreshing acidity and bone-dry flavours of peaches and grapefruits. The long lingering finish is perfectly matched with a warm goats cheese salad, grilled seafood or enjoyed on its own as an aperitif.

Needless to say, the Selladore 2020 vintage is superb!

Notes on the William Chase En Provence Jolie 2018

As far as "vintage" rosé wine goes, the three year old William Chase En Provence Jolie from 2018 is as good as it gets. 

Grapes from the cuvée ‘Jolie’ (pretty one) herald from a small parcel of 45 year old Côtes de Provence classified vines at Domaine Chase. Syrah and Cinsault grapes are hand harvested in the early hours of the morning, pressed and then allowed a very short period of skin contact. 60% of the blend is fermented in new Burgundy barrels and the remaining 40% undergoes traditional fermentation in stainless steel.

Controlled malolactic fermentation enhances the complexity of the wine both in flavour and texture. Bottling takes place after 10 months of ageing on site at the Domaine.

The wine exudes fresh notes of peaches and orange peel, twinned with an alluring aroma of sandalwood. The depth of flavour is complemented by an opulent buttery texture and harmonised with hallmark Provençal acidity that  leads to a moreish nutty finish.

This wine not only is a great aperitif wine but is also robust enough to be paired with foods such as grilled meat, seafood and tasty Mediterranean vegetables.


If you're looking to buy a case of rosé from the William Chase brand, look no further. You can get a case of 6 of the Selladore En Provence Rosé 2020 here and a case of the William Chase En Provence Jolie from 2018 here.

We hope you enjoy!