Rose-wine.com is an independent specialist wine retailer that offers top quality rosé wines to challenge and enhance the UK’s perception of rosé. 

French Rosé – Not surprisingly Provence, with its ideal climate, and the South of France in general are strongly represented in our shop. Combining tradition and modern techniques, they have an established reputation for producing the benchmark for quality rosé. We have sourced our French wines from well-known, renowned producers as well as from several superb small family run vineyards that we have been impressed with. 

The French wines are generally dry, light and wonderfully refreshing. No longer are these rosé wines limited to drinking as an aperitif, the complexity and body of the wines mean that many can be paired with a variety of foods, even three course dinners.

British Rosé – The reputation of British wines has improved greatly in the last few years. Many of the sparkling rosé wines that we stock are holding their own against their French counterparts. These wines are not only fantastic as a celebratory aperitif but are also a great drink with food, all the way to the cheeseboard.

Worldwide Rosé – Currently we have a limited supply of wines from the rest of the world. This is not due to their quality, but rather our lack of knowledge and experience. We are eagerly awaiting our freedom to explore more of these regions, their rosé wines, and find some gems for you to try.